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What Is Absinthe?

The best description of Absinthe is found Here.

Basically it ia a herb based spirit, with a deep green colour and an alcoholic strength of upto 90%. Traditionally Absinthe is never drunk neat (anyone doing so was looked upon with the regard as an alcoholic who had degenerated to drinking meths), it is usually watered down with 4 to 5 parts water, and a cube of sugar added to sweeten the often bitter taste.

Is It True That Absinthe Makes You Hallucinate?

No, current scientific opinion is that their is no hallucinogenic substance in Absinthe.

Is It Banned?

Most European countries banned Absinthe in the early 1900’s. Gradually since the early 1990’s the drink has been gradually legalised throughout Europe and the United States.  The UK, for once had less harsh laws than Europe and never actually banned the drink.

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