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What Is A Drinks Fountain?

A drinks fountain is very similar to the popular chocolate fountains you see at many weddings and events, only with drinks instead of chocolate flowing down the structure.

I have seen them on ebay for 20 so why should I hire one from you?

If you are hosting a small party for your friends or children then the little drinks fountains you can buy are perfect. If you are hosting a major corporate event, or a party for your managing director then you really need something a little better. Our fountains are made from high grade stainless steel, stand 46 inches high and cost almost 3000. A bicycle will get you from A to B, a Bentey will do the same job but with much more style.

What drinks can be used?

Any drink which doesn’t contain pulp will work in a fountain, fruit juices, wine, champagne, Pimms, Fruit Punch whisky etc are all perfect to be dispensed this way. Rapidly becoming a firm favourite is the Baileys Cream fountain, cascading Baileys caught in shot cup made from Belgian chocolate.

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