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Want Something Different For Your Event, Hire One Of Our Absinthe Fountains And Sample The Green Fairy

Absinthe, known as the Green Fairy, is one of histories most misunderstood drinks, at one time banned in most countries because of its supposed hallucinogenic properties, it has only been allowed to be sold again within the last few years.  A strong alcoholic spirit made from herbal extracts, the preparation of Absinthe is an art in itself.

A small shot of neat Absinthe is poured into a glass, a special Absinthe spoon is placed over the top of the glass onto which is placed a sugar cube, a small drizzle of iced water is dispensed from the fountain onto the cube which is left to dissolve and drip into the Absinthe.

Finally the drink is topped up with ice cold water and only then is it ready for drinking. Not ideal for high volume servings at large events, but sure to attract attention at a trade stand, exhibition or wedding!


Our Absinthe Fountain Hire Service Includes

  1. 2 Absinthe Fountains allowing upto 4 drinks to prepared at once
  2. Uniformed Attendant
  3. Napkins
  4. Sugar Cubes and ice cubes for drinks preparation
  5. Absinthe spoons

Absinthe Fountain Service

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one of our high quality stainless steel drinks fountains available for hire throughout the UK

What Is Absinthe?

One of our Absinthe fountains, slowly drizzling ice cold water over an Absinthe serving spoon
A glass with a shot of neat Absinthe, waiting for the addition of water and sugar before drinking.
One of our Victorian style Absinthe carts
A costumed operator preparing absinthe according to the traditional method
A traditional Absinthe spoon and glass